Addressing Issues of Access Through Primary Care

What you can expect in this recording

Primary care – and healthcare at-large – is in desperate need of significant reform in order to best serve our patients and communities.

Our three panelists discuss the importance of access in the context of their primary care practice. Primary care physicians have numerous options for remote monitoring and distance care management, but often lack the ability to intervene when the patient has an acute issue or intervention. One key to ensuring access is to offer opportunities to intervene with acute care in the home through services such as emergency care in the home and hospital care in the home. These services may include a combination of in-person visits, virtual visits, and remote patient monitoring where vital signs are sent directly to the primary care team.


  • Priya Gupta, MD, MPH
    Medical Director for Mobile Health Services
    MGH Kraft Center for Community Health
  • Eliza (Pippa) Shulman, DO, MP
    Chief Medical Officer
    Medically Home
  • Rainelle Walker-White, BS
    Associate Director, Health Equity Programs
    The Family Van
This video was recorded on May 25, 2023.


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