About Us

The Program in Global Primary Care and Social Change (PGPCSC), part of the Harvard Medical School Center for Primary Care, works through public and private partnerships to build sustainable, reliable primary care systems that advance health equity and access for communities worldwide.

Achieving Universal Health Coverage through Primary Health Care

There is an increasing recognition of the need to fundamentally re-think traditional approaches to healthcare delivery and training. Key stakeholders are acknowledging the importance of returning to the Primary Health Care (PHC) strategies of empowering front-line health workers and taking a holistic, social approach to health promotion, disease prevention and treatment. Information technology, artificial intelligence, and data science promise opportunity to develop more disruptive, tech-enabled, and team-based models of PHC - a key strategy for accelerating towards UHC. Central to these initiatives is the recognition that governments must continue to be empowered and capacitated to ensure equitable access, healthcare quality, and safety through strategic purchasing and regulation. Achieving UHC by 2030 will require ecosystems that enable unprecedented collaboration between the public and private sector, with the private sector playing a leading role in developing and scaling innovative PHC services, technologies and products.

Achieving Our Mission

To play a catalytic role in the global effort to achieve Universal Health Coverage by 2030 by building on the global movement and commitment for Primary Healthcare, expanding Harvard’s network of relationships and partnerships to accelerate knowledge creation, and innovation in education and healthcare delivery.

We plan to achieve this mission by:

  • Inspiring and training future leaders in UHC and PHC

  • Convening and creating learning collaboratives and community

  • Developing new partnership models of engagement

  • Conducting research on how to scale innovative models of care delivery

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Are you interested in learning more about the Program in Global Primary Care and Social Change? Contact Deanna_Belleny@hms.harvard.edu to learn more.