Schuyler Bailar, BA


Schuyler Bailar, BA


Editorial Advisor


Schuyler Bailar (he/him) is a Korean American man from Washington, DC. He is also the first transgender athlete to compete in any sport on an NCAA Division 1 men’s team. His story has appeared in hundreds of media outlets from 60 Minutes to The Washington Post to the Olympic Channel. Since coming out in 2015, Schuyler has been a tireless advocate for inclusion and acceptance. His advocacy has earned him numerous honors including LGBTQ Nation’s Instagram Advocate for 2020 and the Harvard Director’s Award. He currently works as a DEI consultant and speaker, life coach, and author. His clients include the Eating Disorder Coalition, USA Swimming, Monte Nido & Affiliates, Under Armor, and many more. He also is a part of two Harvard labs, the Evolutionary Psychology Lab with Max Krasnow and the Valera Lab with Eve Valera, advancing gender-informed and trans-competent research. Schuyler is a also critically acclaimed author as a contributing author to Fresh Ink and the author of Obie Is Man Enough.