Our Mission

Sharing stories to amplify the voices of health everywhere

Thank you for considering the Harvard Medical School Primary Care Review as an avenue for publishing your work. We are excited to share your innovative thoughts and ideas about primary care, public health, and health equity with local, national, and international audiences.
Submission Guidelines

  • Each author will be assigned an editor. The assigned editor is the first point of contact for all questions, pitches, and submissions. Please email inquiries here
  • We recommend reviewing previous Harvard Medical School Primary Care Review publications to get a sense of the history and style of the Review.
  • Publications should be 1,300 words maximum; the majority of pieces range from 750 to 1,200 words. Longer pieces are encouraged to use subheadings.
  • All statements of fact should be referenced, and all references should be hyperlinked.
  • Language should be accessible to non-medical populations, as the Harvard Medical School Primary Care Review is a community-facing publication.
  • We welcome co-authored publications, though we request no more than three co-authors.
  • When you submit your manuscript, please also include a 2-4 sentence bio and photo/headshot of yourself that can be included at the end of your piece (if accepted for publication).
  • We encourage you to submit an article in your own authentic words. However, we acknowledge that AI can be utilized in a variety of ways, including assistance to authors for whom English is a second language. If you plan to use AI, consult our AI guidelines before writing your piece.
  • Submissions may be edited for grammar, sentence structure, and clarity, though all efforts will be made to maintain the original intent of the author.
  • All submissions will be reviewed by our editors. Submissions that do not fit the mission or required format of the Harvard Medical School Primary Care Review may not be accepted for publication.
  • To submit your story, email us at primarycarereview@hms.harvard.edu. Title the subject of your email "first name, last name, your field, article topic." For example, "Jane Doe, primary care, equity."