Social Movements, Health Care Access, & Equity 

The Harvard Medical School Department of Global Health and Social Medicine's Program in Global Primary Care and Social Change and the Center for Primary Care three-part webinar series, Social Movements, Health care Access, & Equity, engages in a dynamic conversation with leaders and experts on how social movements have contributed to increasing health care access and equity in the United States.

In particular, we focus on the evolving history of the community health center as we examine such larger issues of health inequity, structural racism in health care and the social determinants of health.

Each webinar features prominent historians, national thought leaders, leaders of community health centers, and voices from the communities and those on the frontlines of the fight for health care equity. Participants will be able to reflect on the historical contexts which created our modern-day health system, critically examine the cultural, socio-economic, and political forces that perpetuate racism and inequity in health care, examine responses that have been devised to confront such inequities, and understand how they can join the call to action for health care equity to ensure access to high-quality health care for all.


Webinar Sessions

Session 1 | Exploring Our Past to Ground Our Understanding

Recorded April 8, 2021

Speakers: Merlin Chowkwanyun, Michael Curry, Rueben Moore

Co-Moderators: Shawn Johnson, Scott Podolsky

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Session 2 | Visualizing our Current State

Recorded on April 15, 2021

Speakers: Nancy Krieger, Terry Mizrahi

Moderators: David Duong

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Session 3 | A Call to Action for Health Equity

Recorded on April 22, 2021

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Webinar Organizers

Dee BW FInalDeanna Belleny, MPH, RDN is the Program Manager of the Harvard Medical School Program in Global Primary Care and Social Change, the Assistant Director of the Systems Transformation team at the Center for Primary Care of Harvard Medical School. She is the co-founder and Director of Programs at Diversify Dietetics.


DBLD BW FinalDavid Duong, MD, MPH is a Physician at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts and the Director of the Harvard Medical School Program in Global Primary Care and Social Change. 



ccp topClaire-Cecile Pierre, MD is the Chief Medical Officer at Harbor Health Services and the Executive Director of the Kerry Murphy Healey Center for Global Health Entrepreneurship at Babson College. 



Scott podolsky BW FinalScott Podolsky, MD is Professor of Global Health and Social Medicine at Harvard Medical School and a primary care physician at Massachusetts General Hospital.




Featured Speakers

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