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A Message from the new Editor-in-Chief: Impact, Revisioning, and Welcome

I am grateful to Dr. Rebekah Rollston, the inaugural Editor-in-Chief of the Primary Care Review, for building a platform to amplify voices in primary care scholarship, advocacy, and stories. Under Dr. Rollston’s skilled leadership, what started as an online blog in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic became a robust publication of nearly 200 articles read more than 230,000 times by medical professionals, students, and community members around the world. The

Where Do We Go Now? A Question in Decolonizing Practice of Clinical Psychology in the Global South

Decolonization is a broad term referring to attempting to undo or rectify the consequences of colonialism. The repercussions of colonialism are widespread, influencing many, if not all, facets of life in countries of the Global South. As a result, there are numerous possible strategies to accomplish the goal of decolonization across various disciplines. In mental health disciplines, discussions about decolonization are "en vogue” in academia. Yet despite an abundance of research, translating this knowledge into ...