Promoting Health Equity through Voter Registration & Mobilization

October 30th, 2020

By: Katie Teague, MSW


It’s a warm September day. I neatly arrange my voter registration materials at a small table outside of the Somerville[...]

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My Patient Anna, and Millions of Others Like Her, Are on the Ballot in November

October 28th, 2020

By: Rebekah L. Rollston, MD, MPH


Meet Anna. She’s a 47-year-old woman with diabetes and high blood pressure—that is, hypertension. When I first met Anna[...]

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Child Care and Early Education is a Social Determinant of Health—For Children and Adults

October 23rd, 2020

By: Lauren Birchfield Kennedy, JD


More than six months into the COVID-19 pandemic, child care solutions for families remain scarce. A high-stakes problem[...]

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Don Berwick's Moral Determinants of Health

October 20th, 2020

By: Donald M. Berwick, MD, MPP


Donald M. Berwick, MD, MPP, is President Emeritus and Senior Fellow at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI),[...]

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Situating the Continuum of Overdose Risk in the Social Determinants of Health

October 16th, 2020

By: Saba Rouhani, PhD and Ju Nyeong Park, PhD


The United States remains in the throes of an escalating drug overdose crisis. Data show that overdoses increased yet[...]

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In the US West Scorched by Wildfires, We Can Barely Breathe. It’s Going to Get Worse.

October 15th, 2020

By: Kristina Dahl, PhD


In California, we’ve counted ourselves among the lucky this past week if the worst we’ve had to cope with is a thick[...]

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Precision Medicine & the Pivotal Role of Primary Care to Shape the Future of Healthcare

October 14th, 2020

By: Evelyne Bischof, MD


"My dear, here we must run as fast as we can, just to stay in place. And if you wish to go anywhere, you must run twice[...]

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Food Access via Small Stores on Navajo Nation: COVID-19 & Beyond

October 8th, 2020

By: John McCulloch and Robert Alsburg


It’s a calm sunny day as I sit with John McCulloch in front of his store in Teec Nos Pos, Arizona. The store has served[...]

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African Americans Are Disproportionately Exposed to Extreme Heat

October 7th, 2020

By: Adrienne L. Hollis, PhD, JD


Climate change is a threat multiplier. This is a fact I know to be true. I also know that our most vulnerable[...]

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Racial and Ethnic Disparities in COVID-19 Mortality Among Children and Teens

October 6th, 2020

By: Elizabeth B. Pathak, PhD, MSPH and Rebecca B. Garcia, MSN, FNP-C, CDE


Due to early misconceptions that COVID-19 didn’t lead to severe disease or death in children, US state surveillance[...]

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The Inner Bully and the Burden of Charting: A Dose of Self-Compassion May Be the Best Medicine

October 1st, 2020

By: Gail Gazelle, MD, MCC and Paula Gardiner, MD, MPH


If you are a physician, this may sound familiar:

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