Researching Organizational Structures of Primary Care

March 30th, 2023

By: Katie Cavender, MBA


How does a clinician’s stress affect patient care? How can we alleviate the crisis of physician burnout? What was[...]

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Personal Perspectives

Seeking Medical Care in Fear: Transgender Millennials Open up About Fears, Mistreatment

February 14th, 2023

By: Bryan Cadel, JD


One of the most beautiful aspects of my practice as a mindfulness teacher and coach is that it takes me into a wide[...]

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Considerations for Primary Care Providers in the Diagnosis of Long COVID

January 28th, 2023

By: David Duong, MD, MPH


Data on long COVID is evolving, causing diagnosis and treatment to be complex. Primary care clinicians must consider[...]

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Our Right to Basic Public Health Amenities

December 16th, 2022

By: Omega and Brenda Wilson


I was born and raised in Mebane—a small town in North Carolina that is now primarily white with a large percentage of[...]

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“Is the Lawyer in?”: Accessing Health Care in America

September 28th, 2022

By: Michele Johnson, JD


Jamal was a young, promising athlete whose coordination suddenly deteriorated, at only 12-years-old, with the onset of[...]

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No Borders for Those Who Fight

September 27th, 2022

By: Hugh Shirley, BS


"Não há fronteiras para os que exploram… não deve haver para os que lutam”—there are no borders for those who explore…[...]

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The Various Faces of Trauma

July 1st, 2022

By: Samra Zafar


Trigger warning: Parts of this piece may be triggering. Please take the time and space to look after yourself and seek[...]

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A Poem: No Name

June 30th, 2022

By: Gladys Jimenez


I called a third time.

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Beating Hunger: Addressing Food Insecurity During the COVID-19 Pandemic

June 21st, 2022

By: Leanne Peres da Silva, BA


Closed. Out of Business. We are temporarily closed due to COVID.

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The Salutary Impact of Listening to the Trauma Story

June 8th, 2022

By: Richard F. Mollica, MD, MAR


I entered the Brighton Marine Public Health Center in Massachusetts in December 1981, where hundreds of Indochinese[...]

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