P is for Period and P is for Power: Attending to Menstrual Hygiene in Rural India

December 13th, 2022

By: Garima Vats, MBBS


“Can I take a bath during my period?” comes a feeble voice from one corner of the classroom. I struggle to put the[...]

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No Borders for Those Who Fight

September 27th, 2022

By: Hugh Shirley, BS


"Não há fronteiras para os que exploram… não deve haver para os que lutam”—there are no borders for those who explore…[...]

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Black Birthing Persons Matter—All of Them

April 14th, 2022

By: Zahada (Kiersten) Gillette-Pierce


 A Black trans dad, Kayden Coleman shares his clinical experience during his two pregnancies. He recounts horrible[...]

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Menstrual Justice Is a Matter of Health Equity: How to Fight Period Poverty and Stigma

February 23rd, 2022

By: Anusha Singh, BS


While assisting patients in the Emergency Department (ED) one morning, I met a patient I’ll refer to as Mary. When I[...]

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Health Equity & Reproductive Justice: Transforming Perinatal Care Now

June 2nd, 2021

By: Ashley Shukait, MPH, CHES and Glyceria Tsinas, QMHA


Drug-involved fatal poisonings for 2020 are expected to reach over 100,000 in the United States—a 40% increase from the[...]

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Men and Primary Care: Removing the Barriers

May 5th, 2021

By: Peter Baker, MA


A recent study of British dental patients found that men are more likely than women to be hospitalized due to severe[...]

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Well-Being of LGBTQI+ People in the United States Today

December 3rd, 2020

By: Charlotte J. Patterson, PhD and Martín-José Sepúlveda, MD, ScD, IBM Fellow


More than 11 million lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and intersex (LGBTQI) people live in the United States[...]

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COVID-19 Magnifies Existing Inequities Faced by Transgender and Gender-Expansive Communities

August 27th, 2020

By: Dougie Zubizarreta, Mai-Han Trinh and Tarek Ahmed, MBBS


As COVID-19 devastates lives throughout the world, the inequities experienced by transgender and gender-diverse[...]

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LGBTQ Youth Face Unique Challenges Amidst COVID-19

August 18th, 2020

By: Amy Green, PhD and Myeshia Price-Feeney, PhD


The physical toll of the COVID-19 pandemic is tangible, though its impact on mental health is just starting to be[...]

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The State of the South

July 22nd, 2020

By: Ash-Lee Woodard Henderson


I refuse to write another state of emergency article. I have no more words to say about the epidemic of anti-Black[...]

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