Knock-Knock: Our Ordinary is the Patient’s Extraordinary

December 22nd, 2021

By: Justin Ong, BS


The time reads 8:30 am. Walking down the pediatric wards as a third-year medical student, it is easy to get lost in[...]

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Sudden Death in the Realm of Possibility: The Psychosocial Trauma, Uncertainty, and Health Care Needs of Migrants Crossing the Mexico-U.S. Border

December 21st, 2021

By: Annekathryn Goodman, MD, MPH, Kristen Giambusso, MPH, Lindsey Martin, NP, Mary Sebert RN, MPH, and Lynn Black, MD, MPH


Matamoros, Mexico: The living conditions of displaced migrants

Poverty, violence, natural disasters, and political[...]

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Does Epidemiology Need a Rethink?

December 21st, 2021

By: Dalton Price, BA


Epidemiology, the broad study of disease incidence and causality, has long formed the backbone of public health. Its[...]

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The Power of a Personalized Approach: Physicians’ Fight against Misinformation and Vaccine Hesitancy

December 1st, 2021

By: Preston Williams, MD, Lily Gage, MD, and Lakshman Swamy, MD, MBA


“There was so much information out there, I didn’t know what to do. I just wish someone had convinced me to get the[...]

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Medication Abortion – Prioritizing Access in 2021 & Onward

December 1st, 2021

By: Linda Prine, MD


Medication abortion is a common and important part of primary care…and access to safe abortion care will likely soon[...]

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