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Reflections from a Health Policy Fellow

As many Family Medicine colleagues across the United States complete residency, I find myself looking back to those challenging yet invigorating years. Residency training certainly solidified my clinical skills, from diabetes to pregnancy labor management, but also heightened my interest in social issues. Training in Western North Carolina meant working in a non-Medicaid expansion state where Black babies were three times more likely to die within their first year of life than white babies and where those struggling with opioid addiction were often marginalized. Each day seemingly brought ...

Running, Community, and Accountability to Get Back on My Feet

It’s 5:30 am, and while most of the world may still be sleeping, our community comes together, greeting each other with hugs and high fives. We come from all walks of life, running together to get in our morning miles. Our community shows up rain or shine, on the darkest of winter mornings and the brightest of summer days, knowing that by just showing up, we are helping each other put one foot in front of the other, pushing toward a brighter future.

The Role of Integrative Medicine Now: Tools in the Time of COVID

COVID-19 has affected people worldwide and sickened millions. It is no coincidence that people are looking for unconventional ways to stay or become healthy. As Family Medicine physicians who also practice integrative medicine, we are accustomed to being asked questions about wellness. Lately, the most common questions are: How can I deal with the stress of staying home/ possible illness/ concern for family and friends/ childcare? How do I improve my immune system and stay healthy? How can I get well faster if I do get COVID-19? ...
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